Tourist Information Center

What's Machidokoro Our Service

Offering tourist information and directions

international tourists

We have English, Chinese and Korean telephone interpreting service available to help international tourists obtain some important information, as well as to meet their general needs. We are here to always provide friendly and useful support for all tourists.

Tourist information of Izumisano and Kansai region

Advice for tourist spots and routes

Transport information

Advice for accommodation

Maps and brochures available, printed or downloaded

Tourist maps and travel brochures for international tourists are available at “Machidokoro”
We have travel brochures available as digital data. They can be printed or saved as a file.

Communication devices

Communication devices

We can help to provide the right communication device for tourists, so that they can make the most of their time sightseeing in Osaka.

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Ticket sales and other services

Osaka Unlimited Pass

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